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Concrete Testing Equipment

Many Quality Assurance aspects including production control, efficient materials usage and compliance with mix designs are dependant upon the effective analysis of cementitious mixtures. There are a wide range of test which can be carried out. It is important that the correct design and physical testing of these mixtures is achieved if good quality products are to be produced with minimum maintenance and economical production.

The suitability of any concrete to a particular purpose is first assessed whilst the concrete is still paltic or fresh before hardening comences. Tests for fresh concrete ofter focus on the workability of the mix and can be assessed by Slump, Flow Table and Vebe methods.

Modern developments in mixture designs tend to be more specific to characteristics of the mix under repetitive load conditions such as permanent deformation and elastic stiffness. This in turn has led to the development of a range of mix design equipment for use on both laboratory mould samples and field cores.

Materials Testing Equipment Ltd offer a sophisticated range of testing equipment complying with the various test methods, ensuring that accurate and consistent test results are always obtained.


Workability of concrete is a measure of viscous the fresh concrete mix is. Each specific concrete application should have a specified workability to ensure the operations of handling, placing and compaction can be achieved efficiently.

UK & European standards give guidance on workabilty for different uses.


Compacting Factor

30-11310 Compacting Factor Apparatus, complying with BS1881:Part 103, the equipment is appropriate for concrete mixes of low, medium and high workability. Consisting of two conical hoppers fitted with tightly hinged trap doors which help facilitate the falling of concrete into the cylindrical mould. The frame which the hoppers and mould are mounted upon is manufactured from rigid steel




30-10220 Slump Cone, spun steel and corrosion resistant. The test is carried out in accordance with BS1881:Part 102, by filling the slump cone with freshly mixed concrete which is tamped with a steel rod in three layers. The concrete is levelled off from the top of the slump cone, and the slump of the sample is measured

30-10225 Tamping Rod, steel 600mm long x 16mm diameter, hemispherical at both ends

30-10240 Baseplate, rigid plastic board, 400mm x 400mm x 9mm

30-10130 Scoop twin handle

30-10250 Slump Cone Funnel, made from steel and is positioned on top of the slump cone to assist in filling with fresh concrete

20-22008 Steel Rule, 300mm long, graduated in millimetres and inches


Flow Table

30-11730 Flow Table Apparatus, complete with cone and tamping bar, the test being described in BS1881:Part 105, is for checking the flow index of high workability concrete 30-11740 Spare Wooden Tamping Bar, with a square base 40mm x 40mm 30-11735 Spare Cone 20-22025 Measuring Tape, steel, 3 meter 80-10120 Steel Float, plasters type with steel blade approximately 250mm x 115mm



30-12506 Rebar (Covermeter) The covermeter locates reinforcing bars quickly and reliably, saving time, money and effort. The strongly directional search head gives a precise indication of the orientation of the rebar and gives an indication of concrete cover.


Creating and testing of cubes prisms and other forms is an important part of final strength assessment. High quality moulds give great consistency and repeatabilty of results.

Materials Testing Equipment offer a full range of mould complying with the latest standards. Certification is available upon request.


Cube Moulds

30-10821 Cube Mould two piece 100mm

30-10835 Cube Mould two piece 150mm

30-10840 Compacting Bar, manufactured to BS1881 the bar is 380mm long with 25mm square tamping area


Special Moulds

We manufacture a comprehensive range of moulds designed for use with mortars and grouts, and epoxy cements, all of which meet the requirements of both ASTM and the relevant British Standards.

Compression Machine

Cube Compression Machine, various types of compression machine available along with accessories, platens and spacers.

30-11500 Cube Compression Machine, Dual Range 250KN and 15KN, motorized, connected to the automatic servo controlled system equipped with two measuring ranges: 0 - 250 kN and 0 - 15 kN by utilizing two suitable pressure transducers. Recommended for compression and flexure tests, providing fully automated testing.

Materials Sampling

Consistent and correct sampling of raw materials and finished product are important for accurate results. Materials Testing Equipment Ltd supply a full range of sampling equipment for both raw materials and finished products.


Sample Scoops

30-10130 Scoop, twin handle type to BS1881

30-10131 Scoop, twin handle type to BS812

30-10133 Scoop, 125mm long, manufactured from cast aluminium

30-10140 Scoop, 275mm long, manufactured from cast aluminium


Air Entraiment Meters

30-10620 Air Entrainment Meter, Type A , for determining the air content of freshly made concrete as detailed in BS1881:Part 106 and ASTM C231. The purpose of entraining air in concrete is to give the required resistance to weathering. The use of chemical additives to increase the workability of concrete often requires an air content check to be made

30-10642 Air Entrainment Meter Type A, for mortars as described in BS4551. Designed to take a 1 Litre sample. The column is calibrated 0-25%. Supplied complete with calibrating cylinder, spring & support, pump and plastic tamper

30-10630 Air Entrainment Meter, type B. Simple to use, supplied complete with integral pump and complies with BS1881:Part 106. Also available for Mortars


Curing Tanks

30-11135 Large Cube Curing Tank, internal dimensions : 1.6m x 0.8m x 0.4m

Capable of accepting one hundred 150mm concrete cubes, the tank is fitted with a recirculating pump, immersion heater, and is electronically controlled to maintain a temperature of 20 2C, as described in BS1881:Part 111

30-11130 Small Cube Curing Tank 915mm x 660mm x 610mm, electronically controlled to maintain a temperature of 20 2C. Excludes recurculating pump

We can also offer a range of lightweight plastic curing tanks in various sizes and configuartions from basic tanks with heaters to advanced with digital thermostatic and water level controls.